Land & Resources Management

Two Forest Service Employees Reviewing Paper Work

Management of forest resources falls into a number of disciplinary and administrative areas, primarily Forest Planning, Fire Management, Range Management, and Forestry Management.

Projects that affect the forest and surrounding communities are open for public comment. These pages provide access to documents of public interest within the different management areas.

Forest Planning

Coronado National Forest announces the release of the revised Forest Plan final documents. The revised plan replaces the previous plan approved in 1986 (amended 13 times). , and will provide forest-specific guidance and information on project and activity decision making on the Forest over the next fifteen years. Major themes of the new plan are Ecosystem Restoration and Resiliency; Visitor Experiences, Access to National Forest System Lands; Open Space; and Communities, Collaboration, and Partnerships. Please visit our Plan Revision website for complete information.



The Coronado National Forest presents “Ecosystem Resilience and Restoration,” a video describing the issue of invasive grasses that threaten our unique native ecosystems, including the Sonoran Desert and the iconic Saguaro Cactus. The impacts of Climate Change are expected to increase this threat. Voiceover by Chris Thiel, Natural Resource Staff Officer for the Coronado National Forest. Interviewees include Kim Franklin, Conservation Science Manager of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum; Patty Estes, Founder of the Catalina State Park Buffel Slayers; and John Scheuring, Conservation Committee Chairman for the Arizona Native Plant Society.

Resource Management

  • Fire Management
    The Coronado National Forest amended its 1986 Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) with a proposed Wildland Fire Amendment. The purpose of the Wildland Fire Amendment was to update the LRMP's existing wildland fire management direction to comply with the 2001 Federal Wildland Fire Management policy (also know as the Federal Fire Policy). The Federal Fire Policy recognizes the essential role of fire in maintaining natural systems and allows managers a broader range of options when responding to wildland fires. Changes were made to the Forest-wide Goals, Standards and Guidelines in the LRMP to integrate the Federal Fire policy. These changes were documented at the Wildland Fire Amendment Home Page.

  • Forest Management
    Mid-level planning documents, including landscape or watershed assessments and roads analysis, are an intermediate planning step between the Forest Planning (programmatic) level and project planning. Recommended management actions are the primary result of assessments.

  • Travel Management Designated Routes and Areas for Motor-vehicle use. Follow this link to find out about the Travel Management Rule, the on-going Travel Management Analysis process, and the collaborative alternative process.


  • Schedule of Proposed Actions
    View a copy of the quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) for the Coronado National Forest.
  • Forest Projects
    " sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation's forests..."
  • Forest Planning
    The Revised Land and Resource Management Plan was released June 2018