Amphibians and Reptiles Resource Management

Photo by Don Church of a Hognose snake, coiled on mossy ground.

Amphibian Species List

Reptile Species List



Mole Salamanders

___  Marbled Salamander

___  Jefferson Salamander

___  Spotted Salamander


___  Red-spotted Newt

Dusky Salamanders

___  Northern Dusky Salamander

___  Appalachian Seal Salamander

___  Virginia Seal Salamander

___  Black-bellied Salamander

___  Mountain Dusky Salamander

 Woodland Salamanders

___  Red-backed Salamander

___  Valley and Ridge Salamander

___  Slimy Salamander

___  Wehrle's Salamander

___  Cow Knob Salamander

Four-Toed Salamander

___  Four-toed Salamander

 Spring and Red Salamanders

___  Spring Salamander

___  Red Salamander

Brook Salamanders

___  Northern Two-lined Salamander

___  Long-tailed Salamander

___  Cave Salamander

 Frogs and Toads

Spadefoot Toads

___  Eastern Spadefoot Toad


___  American Toad

___  Fowler's Toad

Tree Frogs

___  Northern Spring Peeper

___  Gray Treefrog

 Cricket Frogs

___  Northern Cricket Frog

 Chorus Frogs

___  Upland Chorus Frog

 True Frogs

___  Bullfrog

___  Green Frog

___  Wood Frog

 Pickerel Frogs

___  Pickerel Frog




 Snapping Turtles

___  Common Snapping Turtle

 Mud Turtles

___  Stinkpot

___  Eastern Mud Turtle

 Spotted, Bog & Wood Turtles

___  Spotted Turtle

___  Wood Turtle


___  Eastern Box Turtle

 Painted Turtles

___  Eastern Painted Turtles


 Spiny Lizards

___  NorthernFence Lizard


___  Six-lined Racerunner


___  Five-lined Skink

___  Broad-headed Skink

___  Southeastern Five-lined Skink

___  Northern Coal Skink



 Water Snakes

___  Northern Water Snake

___  Queen Snake

 Brown Snakes

___  Northern Brown Snake

___  Northern Red-bellied Snake

 Garter and Ribbon Snakes

___  Eastern Garter Snake

___  Eastern Ribbon Snake

 Earth Snakes

___  Eastern Earth Snake

___  Mountain Earth Snake

 Hognose Snakes

___  Eastern Hognose Snake

Small Woodland Snakes

___  Northern Ringneck Snake

___  Eastern Worm Snake


___  Northern Black Racer

 Green Snakes

___  Rough Green Snake

___  Eastern Smooth Green Snake

 Rat Snakes

___  Corn Snake

___  Black Rat Snake

 Pine Snakes

___   Northern Pine Snake

 Kingsnakes and Milksnakes

___  Eastern Kingsnake

___  Eastern Milksnake

___  Mole Snake

 Pit Vipers

___  Northern Copperhead

___  Timber Rattlesnake