Commercial huckleberry harvest is illegal on Mt. Hood National Forest

Mt. Hood does not allow harvesting huckleberries for commercial use. If you are planning on selling or bartering berries, or selling products made with Forest huckleberries, please get more information about purchasing a permit and harvesting berries on Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

  • Berry Picking

    Child picking berries in the 1960s.

    Berries of many kinds are delicious fruits that can be found on the Forest. Some are native and some aren't, but you may pick up to 3 gallons of berries per year under our incidental use guidelines – for no cost and no permit required. Given the cultural significance of gathering berries in the Pacific Northwest, and to protect the resource, it is illegal to harvest more than the incidental use limit and to harvest berries for commercial purposes. Never consume any wild berries you have not positively identified as non-poisonous.

Important Guidelines

  • It is the responsibility of all harvesters on national forests to know, understand, and follow special forest product policies. Harvesters can enjoy foraging for incidental (free) use special forest products without harming the resource.
  • For more information visit our Special Forest Products page, our FAQs page, or contact one of our district offices.

Incidental Use

Want to know more about incidental use? Visit our Incidental Use Forest Products webpage.

Harvesters are not legally required to carry a permit or any other documentation when harvesting up to the maximum amount of incidental use products only. However, there are still limitations on where and what kinds of products can be collected and it's the responsibility of harvesters to know this information when harvesting on the Forest. 

It is highly encouraged that harvesters always carry the following: 

  • Incidental Use Infosheet
    • ​Spells out rules, regulations/policies, and recommendations on incidental harvesting.
  • Motor Vehicle Use Map
    • These are free and can be picked up at your local district office or downloaded via the Avenza app!
  • Fire Recovery Visitor Map
    • Download or print the PDF map, which shows areas that are closed to the public due to impacts from the 2020 & 2021 wildfires. You can compare this to the Motor Vehicle Map for a comprehensive look at what is open to harvest. Check the Fire Recovery page before you head out for the most up-to-date version.

Special Forest Product

Daily Limit
per person

Annual Limit
per person


1 gallon

3 gallons

Charge Use - not offered on Mt. Hood National Forest

Mt. Hood National Forest does not offer a commercial berry permit. Collecting more than 3 gallons of berries per year is prohibited, and selling or bartering berries collected from the Forest is illegal.

Additional Resources

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