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Harvesters must follow guidelines and restrictions for free use berries, including:

  • Personal use berries cannot be sold or bartered. 
  • It is prohibited to collect forest products in wilderness areas, Old Maid Flats, developed recreation sites, or other areas normally closed to harvest.
  • Personal use berry harvest is limited to 3 gallons total per year.

Check road conditions and weather before heading out and pack out everything you brought with you. 

Free Use Berry Permits 

Special Forest Product Allowable Quantity Unit of Measure Remarks




Currently there is a free use waiver for berry permits in effect until offices reopen in summer 2022.  The maximum allowable quantity per year per person is 3 gallons. 

Charge Use (Commercial) Berry Permits

Special Forest Product Rate ($) per Unit of Measure Unit of Measure Remarks Quantity Sold With $20.00 Minimum Purchase




No commercial berry picking areas available at this time. Requires Special Request. In designated areas only. 

1 gallon is approximately 6 pounds. Commercial only at this time.

6 Gallons

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