Updated Comprehensive River Management Plan for Eleven Point Wild and Scenic River ready for review

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Contact(s): Cody Norris

Mark Twain National Forest invites the public to review the draft Eleven Point Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive River Management Plan (CRMP).  The Eleven Point River had the honor to be among the first group of rivers in the nation to be designated when the Wild and Scenic Rivers (WSR) Act was initially passed in 1968.  A Comprehensive River Management Plan was prepared in 1973 and was updated in 1975.

The existing CRMP, created 48 years ago, needed updating to ensure it meets requirements set by the1986 amendment of the WSR Act.  Public feedback will assist the Forest in making informed decisions regarding this important river and its future preservation.  The Forest assembled an interdisciplinary team which conducted recreation-use and habitat monitoring around the river to prepare the CRMP draft update.  

 “This process presents an opportunity to engage the public so we can consider all available information as we bring the plan into full alignment with the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act,” stated Forest Supervisor Sherri Schwenke, who is also the deciding official for the plan’s implementation. 

Rivers designated through the WSR Act are required to have a CRMP to ensure the managing agency preserves specifically defined “river values” within that section of river under designation.  These three river values are its free-flowing nature, its water quality, and its outstandingly remarkable values (ORVs).  The WSR Act defines an ORV as a river-related value that is rare, unique, or exemplary feature at a regional or national scale, and it requires that the Forest Service protect and enhance ORVs in designated river segments.  The Eleven Point Wild and Scenic River has multiple ORVs including:   Wildlife, Geology, Recreation, Scenery, Fisheries, Ecology, and Historic/Cultural. 

“The existing plan served the public well for almost a half a century and we want to keep what is working well.  This update will focus on verifying ORVs and adding to the plan about how to react if any future impacts threaten those ORVs” stated Schwenke. 

 The draft CRMP and additional information can be found on the Forest’s website at www.fs.usda.gov/goto/mtnf/CRMP.  All thoughts and comments are welcomed.  Comments can be made online or sent by mail to SM.FS.MTNF_Rec@usda.gov or mailed to the Eleven Point Ranger District Office; Attn: Ed Sherman; #66 Confederate Ridge Road; Doniphan, MO, 63935.  Anyone with questions can call the Eleven Point Ranger District at (573) 996-2153, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.