Olympic National Forest receives $1.7 million to address winter storm damage along Forest Service Road 29

Release Date: Feb 24, 2022

Contact(s): Corina Rendón

Olympia, WA, January 24, 2022— The Olympic National Forest has received $1.7 million in disaster relief supplemental funding to restore temporary access along Forest Service Road 29 which has been closed since November 2021 due to debris flows and washouts caused by extreme weather events last year.

As a vital emergency route these funds will allow for the installation of temporary structures that will allow access and egress through the northwest portion of the Olympic Peninsula.

Preliminary work including design and planning is currently occurring by Forest Service staff and partners to prepare sites for pending structure installation and to ensure crucial natural resources such as fisheries are being protected. 

Currently, Forest Service Road 29 remains closed to ensure public safety. It is projected that project work will start late spring to early summer with an estimate of having the road accessible by late summer if no unforeseen circumstances occur.

Funding through Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO) and other sources are actively being pursued to fully repair Forest Service Road 29 and other forest roads that were impacted by the high volume of rain experienced last year.

For updates on this project visit the Olympic National Forest’s website or call a forest office.