A team representing diverse agencies will be evaluating the strategies and tactics that have been used to manage western spruce budworm. View the team's charter, anticipated products, or links related to western spruce budworm. Contact Kathy Sheehan (; 503-808-2674) for more information or to receive occasional updates via email.

Detailed information about some suppression projects conducted since 1970 is now available -- last updated on May 1, 2008. Thanks to Karen Ripley for contributing information about the 2000 and 2006 DNR projects, and to Steve Andringa and Mike Johnson for information about the 1999-2001 Yakama Nation projects!

Budworm's A-Comin' !!

graph showing annual defoliation by western spruce budworm in the western US from 1947-2007



  • North-central Rocky Mountains = MT, ID, & WY ; South-central Rocky Mountains = UT, CO, & NV ; Southwest = AZ & NM; Pacific Northwest = OR & WA
  • first year of observation = 1948 for North-central RM, 1959 for South-central RM, 1962 for Southwest, 1947 for Pacific Northwest
  • data sources: national and regional forest insect & disease conditions reports; contact Kathy Sheehan for details.

wsb larva

WSB larva; photo by Scott Tunnock, USDA Forest Service,

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