Sequoia NF Hotshot Crews

Breckenridge Hotshots

Breckenridge HotshotsIn June of 1990, a ten person fuels crew was established, on the Greenhorn Ranger District, of the Sequoia National Forest, located at the Havilah Work Center. The crew's mission was to prep and execute prescribe burn projects on the district and respond to local fires on the forest. The crew's first foreman was Manuel Vejar, and his assistant foreman was Raul Estrada. At the time the crew was known as Fuels 51, in 2000 the identifier was change to Crew 8, which is still used as the forest identifier today.

Fulton Hotshots

Fulton HotshotsThe Fulton Hotshot Crew was started on the Greenhorn R.D on the Sequoia N.F as a 6-person fuels crew that worked out of the Fulton Work center throughout the 1960's. There were two other 6 person fuels crews that worked out of Davis Camp and Richbar Camp on the Greenhorn R.D of the Sequoia N.F. When a fire assignment was filled, the district combined the three crews for a total of 18 personnel and sent them to the assignment.

Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots

Horseshoe Meadow HotshotsThe "Horseshoe Meadow Crew" has been proudly serving the U.S. Forest Service since it was established in 1974 on the Hume Lake Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest. Originally there were 25 crewmembers, this allowed for seven day a week staffing. In 1980, the crew earned Hotshot status through a reputation of hard work and safe firefighting becoming the Horseshoe Meadow Interagency Hotshots.

Springville Hotshots

Springville HotshotsThe Springville Hotshots were established in the spring of 2001 as part of the Most Efficient Level (MEL) build-up, as a Type II hand-crew. The crew, designated as Crew 9, is based out of Springville, CA on Hwy 190 about twenty miles east of Porterville, CA on the Sequoia National Forest. Although fire is a first priority, the crew has and continues to work all over the Tule River Ranger District on projects for all shops on the district, not just fire.