Kings River Project Supplemental EIS

Kings River Project Supplemental EIS

Kings River Project
Released September, 12, 2008

Environmental Impact Statement

Cover Letter

Letter from Forest Supervisor Ed Cole


Overview of the  Kings River Project


Abstract of the Project

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Purpose and Need

Chapter 2

Chapter 2A
Chapter 2B
Chapter 2C

Discussion of the Alternatives

Chapter 3

Pages 1-92
Pages  93-148
Pages 149- 172
Pages 173-260

Affected Environment and Environmental Effects

Chapter 4

References and Lists



Appendix A

Kings River Project Historic Forest Condition

Appendix B

Strategy for Forest Restoration Using Uneven-aged
Silvicultural and Prescribed Fire at the Landscape Scale

Appendix C

Modeling Existing and Future Vegetation Characteristics, Wildlife Habitat and Fire Behavior Indices in the Kings River Project Area under Three Management Scenarios

Appendix D

Best Management Practices for the Kings River Project

Appendix E

Description of Fuels Reduction, Site Preparation, Release and other Proposed Treatments

Appendix F

Kings River Project Maps

 Appendix G

Cultural Resources of the Kings River Project

 Appendix H

Description of Cedar Valley Prescription

 Appendix I

An Ecosystem Management Strategy for Southern Sierra Mixed-Conifer Forests (PSW)

Appendix J
Monitoring action alternatives


A list of Acronyms