Caddo-LBJ National Grasslands

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Caddo-LBJ National Grasslands

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The Caddo and Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) National Grasslands are located in two areas northeast and northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. They not only provide grazing land for cattle and habitat for wildlife, but offer a variety of recreation. The most popular activities are hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, and photography.

White-tailed deer, small mammals, coyotes, bobcats, red fox, waterfowl, bobwhite quail, turkey, and songbirds thrive in the diverse habitats provided by the Grasslands. Largemouth bass, blue and channel catfish, and various sunfish species are common catches at the many lakes that dot the Grasslands' landscape.

The recreation areas on the Caddo and LBJ offer a variety of facilities for camping, picnicking, and other outdoor activities. All are open year-round . Group users should check with the District office several weeks in advance of their scheduled visit to determine if a permit is required. Horseback riders are reminded that horses are not allowed in Forest Service developed recreation areas. When using undeveloped sites, do not tie horses to trees or where they can damage the trees. The use of picket lines between trees or trailers is permitted. Please remember to PACK OUT everything you PACKED IN.

A Texas hunting/fishing license is required when hunting or fishing on the Grasslands. On the CADDO, a Texas Public Hunting Permit is also required.

Hunters should be extremely careful as all areas of the Grasslands are used heavily during hunting season by hunters and the non-hunting public alike. Fluorescent orange is REQUIRED on all hunters during any permitted season with a minimum of 144 square inches visible on both the chest and back and a fluorescent orange cap or hat. (Exception: When hunting migratory birds and turkeys.) It is recommended non-hunters also wear fluorescent material during the hunting season as an extra safety precaution.

Due to extremely erosive soils, vehicle travel on both the LBJ and Caddo is restricted to designated Forest Service system and gravel-surfaced roads.

Grasses and other herbaceous vegetation on the Grasslands are highly flammable. When using undeveloped sites, campfires should be built on bare ground and must be attended at all times. Before leaving your camp, make sure any fire is completely extinguished.

Firewood for campfires is limited to downed wood only, with no permit required. Cutting standing trees or pruning limbs from them is prohibited.

Administrative maps are available for $14 each (if requesting by mail, add $1.00 for postage per map).


The CADDO is comprised of 17,785 acres and contains three lakes. The largest, Lake Coffee Mill, is 651 acres with one developed recreation area containing 13 picnic units and an improved boat ramp. Lake Crockett is 388 acres in size and has two developed recreation areas. West Lake Crockett has 11 camping units, while the east side has four picnic units and an improved boat ramp. There is a $2 day-use fee at Coffee Mill. A $6 per night camping fee is charged for using camping sites at Coffee Mill and West Lake Crockett. Drinking water is available at both lakes. Forty-five acre Lake Fannin is accessible for fishing from the east side only and has an unimproved earthen boat launch site.


The LBJ is comprised of more than 20,250 acres with one developed recreation area located at Black Creek Lake. The recreation area consists of seven picnic units, seven walk-in camp units, one improved boat ramp and an accessible fishing bridge. No drinking water is available. The lake is approximately 30 acres in size. The discharge of firearms and hunting is prohibited on and around the lake.

There are nearly 75 miles of multipurpose trails which run in the Cottonwood Lake vicinity. These trails are used by hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders.

TADRA Point is a designated trailhead camping facility that is a primary access point for the 75 mile LBJ Multiuse Trail system. Restrooms and parking facilities are provided.

Valley View Group Use Campground is available. This area is available for groups on a first-come, first-served basis.

For permit information, contact the Caddo/LBJ Ranger office. The facility was constructed through a volunteer agreement with local dog training enthusiasts.

The facility includes 15 camp units, a 20-by-40-foot pavilion with a “Texas-sized” charcoal grill, and a barrier-free double restroom.

Other popular lakes include Clear Lake and Rhodes Lake. Clear Lake is approximately 20 acres in size and has a primitive boat ramp and a 50-foot fishing pier. Rhodes Lake is approximately 15 acres and has no facilities.

FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS ARE PROHIBITED. Hunting is limited to shotguns, muzzleloaders and archery.