Juneau artist Sharron Lobaugh honored at Mendenhall Glacier

By: Janet Laurie Craig

Family of Sharron Lobaugh receive commemorative gift from John Neary, MGVC Director
(From left) Talon Lobaugh, Brick Lobaugh, Dale Lobaugh, Timber Lobaugh and Skiff Lobaugh receive a commemorative gift from Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center Director John Neary.


JUNEAU, Alaska – Family of the late artist Sharron Lobaugh gathered at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, June 17, to remember the long-time Juneau artist who donated her artwork for the 2017 season pass. Sharron passed away this March. 

Visitor Center Director John Neary presented the family with a framed commemoration featuring a photo of the artist and a sample of her watercolor painting in pass form. Neary also gave the first five 2017 season passes, numbered 1-5, to the Lobaughs.

“We are deeply appreciative of Sharron’s generous donation of her beautiful work,” said Neary. “She deserves to be recognized, and we are pleased to be able to do so alongside her loved ones.”

A framed thank you to Sharron, which includes her picture and a thank you note, hangs in the foyer of the visitor center, where it will remain for the duration of the summer.2017 Season Pass MGVC - artwork donated by artist Sharron Lobaugh

The center’s displays of admiration and gratitude for Sharron’s contribution were well received by the family members in attendance.

“Grandma loved the glacier and this pass is a lasting legacy of her art,” said Talon Lobaugh, her grandson.

The Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center plans to continue featuring local artists’ work on season passes. 

“We want to keep our Juneau community involved at the glacier, and artists provide an essential connection between people and this special place,” added Neary.

Sharron Lobaugh moved to Juneau in 1962 with her husband Cliff, who was one of Juneau’s well known veterinarians. She was active in many arts organizations, winning numerous awards and participating in several Alaska art shows. Her work hangs in many private collections. Sharron was also a personal and professional advocate and activist for people with disabilities.