Current Conditions

The forest is always changing. Find out the latest in weather, road and campground status, lake levels, fish stocking, etc.!

Fire Restriction Status: Are in Effect

When restrictions are in effect campfires wood fires and charcoal barbeques are allowed only in designated developed campgrounds on this forest. Only gas stoves and lanterns can be used in the general forest with a valid Campfire Permit.

Campground Status

Is your favorite vacation spot open? or closed?

Road and OHV Trail Status

Look here to find status of forest roads, off-highway vehicle areas and trails.Road accessibility changes thoughout the year. When conditions change we will update this page. 

Forest Rules, Regulations, and Forest Specific Forest Orders (regulations)

Fires and Emergencies

When a large fire or emergency occurs on the Forest, we will provide up-to date information on the InciWeb site.

For information on incidents in California try these links:

State Highways Conditions

California Department of Transportation (CalTrans)
CalTrans maintains and operates the State Highways within the National Forest. Current Highway conditions are available through the following CalTrans links:

Fish Stocking

Many of the reservoirs and lakes in the forest are planted with catchable-size trout from Department of Fish and Wildlife hatcheries. If conditions permit, the following lakes, reservoirs and ponds, listed by county, will be restocked. Check out their Fishing Guide to help you plan your adventures.

Reservoir Levels

This is a California Department of Water Resources site. Information on the current water storage levels and total capacities on the major reservoirs in California such as, Caples , French Meadows, Ice House Reservoir, Loon Lake, Slab creek Reservoir, Silver Lake, Hell Hole, Stumpy Meadows, Sly Park Reservoir, and Union Valley Reservoir is available here.


Weather conditions vary across the Forest, where elevation ranges from 1,500 feet in the canyons to 10,000 feet at the Sierra Nevada crest. Be prepared for sudden changes in weather. Check the forecast before you adventure out.

Weather presented through USDA Forest Service sites is public domain and derived from data from the National Weather Service. The USDA Forest Service is not responsible for the accuracy of this data.