• CALDOR FIRE CLOSURE  - The  Caldor Fire Closure has been reduced and a new forest order issued to reflect the changes. All roads, trails, and facilities within the fire closure area are closed.  This includes Morman Emigrant Trail. Forest Order 03-21-19. 

    • Note: The new fire closure order opens the area south of Highway 88 except the Horse Canyon/Thunder Mountain trails area which still has ongoing suppression repair activities. This opens the Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Caples, and Silver Lake areas. Along Highway 50 the northern closure border has been reduced to Highway 50 (was Granite Springs road) until about Silver Fork where the closure boundary goes north. The closure boundary around Wrights Lake has been tightened opening the area north of it and the closure now runs from Wrights Lake east to the Desolation Wilderness boundary and continues along to the Forest boundary opening Desolation Wilderness (some access points may still be closed i.e. Wrights Lake campground, trailheads, and Wrights Lake road are still within the Fire Closure area and not open to the public due to ongoing supression repair activities.) 

  • FIRE RESTRICTIONS - Restrictions have been reduced to wood and charcoal fires being prohibited on the forest, with gas and propane fires (devices that have a shut-off switch) being allowed. Forest Order 03-21-20.

  • Camping Restrictions - The camping prohibition was lifted as of October 15. Keep in mind most campgrounds are closed for winter and campfires are not allowed. 

  • Recreation Facility Status - For information on which facilities are open or closed.

  • Roads Status - For information on which roads are open or closed.



Emergency Stabilization-Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) is a rapid assessment of burned watersheds by a BAER team to identify imminent post-wildfire threats to human life and safety, property, and critical natural or cultural resources on National Forest System lands and take immediate actions to implement emergency stabilization measures before the first post-fire damaging events. Fires result in loss of vegetation, exposure of soil to erosion, and increased water runoff that may lead to flooding, increased sediment, debris flows, and damage to critical natural and cultural resources.



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Caldor Fire Recovery

Recovery after a major wildfire is a long term process. The first steps involve repairing areas damaged by fire suppression, and mitigating safety hazards such as fire weakened trees, burning stump holes, damaged utilities, and hazmat concerns. Recovery also includes the Burned Area Emergency Response, information on access to recreation residences and the forest, debris cleanup, the rebuilding process for recreation residences, and future Caldor Fire restoration and management activities.


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2021 Blowdown - "Why are there so many trees on the ground?" 


Great American Outdoors Act

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The Great American Outdoors Act enables federal land managers to address deferred maintenance and other infrastructure projects on national forests.

El Dorado County Resource Advisory Committee

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The El Dorado County Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) is active. We look forward to working with the RAC and the community on a new set of conservation projects.


Caples Ecological Restoration Project

The Forest Service is conducting prescribed burning, aspen enhancement, and meadow restoration activities within the Caples Creek Watershed on the Placerville and Amador Ranger Districts.

What are our Nature's Benefits?

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The natural forest infrastructure provides multiple Nature's Benefits to people, plants, animals, and habitat. Find out how the Eldorado positively impacts your daily life!

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