Geospatial Data

Outline border of the Forest with the Forest emblem in the middle.The following Geographic datasets covering the Ashley National Forest are now available online. The Ashley National Forest uses ESRI's GIS software (ArcInfo, Arcview), and stores all corporate GIS data in ESRI's proprietary format (ArcInfo coverages or Arcview shapefiles). The datasets available online are stored as gzip compressed Arc Export files to conserve space and facilitate download. To use them, you must uncompress them using gzip, winzip, or other compression software that recognizes these file types, then import them into ArcInfo coverages. In addition to their commercial software, ESRI offers free software for importing and viewing coverages and shape files. You can download the software from their web site --

Unless otherwise noted, all datasets are single, forestwide coverages. This data represents the best data currently available at the forest. It is not necessarily complete or accurate. The Forest Service does not guarantee the accuracy or currency of any of this data. As the forest's database is updated or requests for data change, this list will be updated. You can download the dataset directly from a hyperlink in the metadata report.

Utah Statewide Watershed data - USGS is leading the effort to delineate hydrologic units in Utah based on new interagency standards. All watershed delineations (to 6th level) are complete for sub-basins covering the Ashley National Forest. This data can be downloaded from USGS's web site:


Garmin GPS Map

Photo of Garmin GPS sitting on a map

 The Ashley National Forest has released a forest map that is compatible with Garmin GPS units. Currently this map contains the roads and trails on the Ashley that are open for travel per the Motorized Travel Plan (MTP) decision.

Key Contacts


Mathew Lee
GeoSpatial Data Manager