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Where can I get maps that show where I can ride my ATV, motorcycle or motorized recreational vehicle?

Travel plan maps and motorized trail maps have the most accurate information regarding trails that are open to ATV's and motorized recreational vehicles. These maps are available at most Ranger District and Forest Service office or online at .

Where can I get maps that show where recreation opportunities are on the National Forest?

Topographic maps, provide the greatest amount of detail for a small Portion of land, are available from the USGS or many local retail outlets. Local Ranger Districts and Forest Service offices have larger National Forest overview maps that show the locations of campgrounds, paved roads, unimproved roads and some trails. Ranger Districts and Forest Service offices will also have Travel Plan maps that show trails that are open to motorized recreational vehicles and ATV's.

Topographic Maps

The Forest Service recommends the use of 7.5 minute quadrangle maps produced by the US Geological Survey (USGS), particularly for off-trail travel or visits deep into the wilderness. These maps are often out of date, so they may not show constructed features such as roads and facilities, but they show topographic features in great detail and are still considered a vital orienteering tool. To purchase USGS topographic maps, contact the Forest Service or visit the USGS Store. Use the topographic map index  to find the names of 7.5 minute quadrangle maps that cover the High Uintas Wilderness. Note: long download times may be experienced due to large size of map.

Note: Trails change over time and may differ from those shown on these maps.

Ashley Recreation Maps



The Forest Service Intermountain Region offers several types of trail maps, many specific to recreational activities such as cross-country skiing, backpacking and snowmobiling. However, availability varies by Forest. Please contact your local forest or area of interest for more information.

Cross-Country Ski Trail Maps

Wilderness Maps

The High Uintas Wilderness may be accessed from 16 developed trailheads located near the perimeter of the wilderness. Those on the north slope of the Uinta Mountains are generally approached through Wyoming, while those on the south slope are approached through Utah. Utah and Wyoming state highway maps will guide you into the general area but do not show enough detail to help locate National Forest trailheads. Ashley and Wasatch-Cache National Forest “travel maps” or “forest maps” are best for this purpose.

To purchase a forest map or to request a free travel map or state highway map, contact the Forest Service. View this area access map for a simplified version. This map is intended to supplement a state highway map.

If your group will not be leaving popular designated trails, or as a valuable supplement to USGS quadrangle maps, you may wish to consider a less detailed map produced by the Forest Service expressly for the High Uintas Wilderness. It does not show surface topography at the level of detail found on topographic maps, but it more accurately shows constructed features, including designated trails. Due to its scale, it covers the entire wilderness and is a good map for general use. A similar map has been produced by National Geographic (Trails Illustrated). Note: No map is perfect and all maps should be used with discretion.  To purchase a wilderness map, contact the Forest Service or visit an outdoor retailer. View the East Half  or West Half  of the Forest Service wilderness map. See the forest map to view a forest scale version.

Note: Long download times may be experienced due to large size of maps.