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Welcome to the Great Outdoors! We offer a variety of employment opportunities;(both paid and unpaid) ranging from student programs to volunteer programs, and full time employment for men and women with skills in several hundred areas. It's all here, starting with who we are and what we do.

For almost a century, since 1905, USDA Forest Service employees have been on the front line of conservation, intelligent resource utilization, and wildland management. Today, there is more excitement, greater challenge, and more career variety than ever before available to people who join the Nation's premier forest management agency. Managing 51 thousand square miles of the most magnificent lands in our nation is a great responsibility. Managing it in ways that are most effective for the land, water, air, wildlife, and people of America is our mission.

The USDA Forest Service is constantly moving forward. Our fundamental responsibility is still sound and scientific focus on stewardship and sustainability of the land, water and communities, but how that is delivered to the public is changing. Exciting advances in science and technology, communications, national and global priorities, and public expectations are opening new vistas for Forest Service employees.

Much of our work today involves collaboration with other Federal and State agencies, local communities, private and tribal landowners, university research centers, and international organizations.

We are a nationwide organization of more than 30,000 people engaged in hundreds of specific occupations, including Foresters, Biologists, Engineers, Teachers, Firefighters, Accountants, Computer Specialists, Law Enforcement, Public Affairs Specialists, Recreation Specialists, Geographic Information Specialists, and more. Most Forest Service employees focus on managing and improving our Nation's forests and grasslands. Some employees focus on Forest and Range research, others focus on human resource development in Job Corps Centers, and others focus on state and private forestry coordination. This may sound simple, but it's not. It takes men and women in several hundred disciplines working in coordinated teamwork nationwide.

To keep our employees at the top of their profession, we provide world-class training supported by the latest technologies. Career development is ensured through continuing training and career-related education opportunities, both within our organization and through external educational institutions.

Permanent Employment

The US Forest Service Northern Region is outreaching for the yearly hiring event known as “Fire Hire”.  Beginning September 21 until October 11, 2022 announcements will be open to apply for many permanent fire positions for the 2023 fire season.

The Northern Region fills 150-200+ permanent fire positions across 10 National Forests and Grasslands in Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota. Specialized positions include dispatch, engine crews, fire and fuels management, hotshot crews, hand crews, helitack, smokejumpers, and prevention. All positions could engage in a spectrum of fire management activities including, contributing to fire suppression efforts, performing project work such as fuel inventories, preparing associated reports, and hazardous fuels reduction projects. Region 1 will be filling permanent full time and permanent seasonal fire and fuels positions ranging from GS-0462-03 to GS-0462-08.

Seasonal / Temporary Employment

Temporary employees have a very special place within the Forest Service.  Most Forest Service career employees started out in temporary positions, including as trail crew workers, fire lookouts, seasonal biologists, and many more.  Seeking a temporary or seasonal job with the Forest Service is a great way to gain experience with the agency.  

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To View Positions Currently Open for Application

Positions that are currently open for application will only appear on the USAJOBS website. To view positions currently open for application on the Bitterroot National Forest:

  1. In the Keyword block, type "Bitterroot National Forest"
  2. Below that block, choose either "U.S. Citizens" or "Federal Employees"
  3. Click Search.

Handout: How to Apply for a job in USAJOBS

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To View Announcements of Upcoming Positions

Announcements of positions that are upcoming but may not necessarily be open for application just yet are found on the Forest Service Outreach website. To view announcements specific to permanent and temporary positions on the Bitterroot National Forest:

  1. Leave the Opportunity block blank
  2. In the Organization block, type "110304"
  3. Next, click "Perform Search"


Requirements (drug testing, relocation, security, etc...) 

To be determined based on requirements needed for each selected candidate.


Calls and Site Visits

We encourage every applicant to actively follow-up by calling the listed contacts and stopping by the Ranger Districts or Supervisors Office to learn more about the jobs you are interested in.



Summer housing may be available at all three Ranger Districts on a first come first served basis.

  • Darby/Sula Ranger District: Darby, MT and Sula, MT
  • West Fork Ranger District: West Fork, MT
  • Stevensville Ranger District: Stevensville, MT


Bitterroot National Forest Fire Contacts

  • Dispatch – Joy Williamson, 406-363-7125
  • Helitack - John McKee, 406-361-3251
  • Bitterroot Hotshots – Cache Gibbons, 406-821-4276
  • Trapper Creek – Will Hall, 406-821-2159
  • Stevensville Ranger District – Warren Appelhans, 406-777-7436
  • Darby/Sula Ranger District – Josh Bransford, 406-821-3913
  • West Fork Ranger District - Bret Lewis, 406-821-1247


Want Help With Your Resume or Applying?  No Problem...

Schedule time to visit with me to visit with about: jobs with the Forest Service, career advice, help with applying for jobs on USAJOBS, help with your resume, other questions about applying or finding jobs, and anything else.  Go to https://calendly.com/region1jobs/book to sign up for a time to visit.


More Resources

To begin with, please visit our website to learn more about the jobs we have and the process.  In particular, see our “Tips – How to Get a Forest Service Job” and "Frequently Asked Questions" on our website at:  http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/r1/jobs on the right hand side in the Quick Links box.
Here are a few more links for helpful information:

To determine if you qualify for jobs and grades, please follow this link by clicking here.


Other Employment Opportunities

For more information about fire careers in the USDA Forest Service:


Wildland Firefighter Apprentice Program https://www.fs.fed.us/working-with-us/jobs/fire-apprentice


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