Advisory Committees

2016 RAC Project Applications

The Ravalli County RAC is now seeking project proposals for the 2016 operating season. The deadline to submit applications is Friday, April 15, 2016.  Once your proposal has been submitted you will be contacted and offered the opportunity to present your project to the Ravalli RAC.

Online Application (once in the application to find the Name of Resource Advisory Committee, click on the magnifying glass on the right and find Ravalli County).

Proposals can be emailed to Joni Lubke at:

Any questions, please call 406-363-7182.


More information regarding the Project submission and review process can be downloaded here: Title II Overview


What is the purpose of a Resource Advisory Committee?

Resource Advisory Committees were established under the Reauthorization of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000. The RAC’s recommend how to allocate a portion of federal funds Ravalli County receives under the Act.  The Act directs that funds be spent on projects such as road, trail and infrastructure maintenance or obliteration, improvements in soil and forest ecosystem health, restoration and improvements of wildlife and fish habitat, control of weeds, and reestablishment of native animals and plants.  Projects must benefit resources on National Forest lands and meet federal environmental laws. The Ravalli County Resource Advisory Committee was established in 2002.  To date, not including 2010, the RAC has funded 72 projects, totaling $864,756.

What are the duties of the Resource Advisory Committee?

The RAC's duties include reviewing proposed forest management projects in accordance with the SRS Act and making recommendations to the Forest Service and providing opportunities for interested parties to participate in the project development process.  RAC duties have been expanded to include monitoring of project progress and making recommendations for appropriate changes to projects being monitored.

Who makes up the Resource Advisory Committee?

Each resource advisory committee shall be comprised of 15 members made up of people from the general public, with equal representation from industry, environmental groups, elected officials, and other local interests. Members are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture and serve a four-year term.

What types of Projects does the RAC fund?

Projects which have been funded represent a number of categories.  These include water resources (stream restoration and riparian work, sediment reduction, culvert replacement, and irrigation systems); transportation (bridge removal and new construction, and road widening); timber/vegetation management (prescribed under burns, Stewardships, and restorations); education (development of brochures describing plants on trails and prescribed burning, Leave No Trace, class participation on weeds, Youth Get Nature Smart, Healthy Kids Healthy Forests, and Classrooms Without Walls); and trails (placement of new restrooms at trailheads, widening trails, and restoring campgrounds.  Trail work has been done on several different trails.

Who are the current Ravalli County Resource Advisory Committee members?

Click here to see a current list of members.

How often does the Resource Advisory Committee meet?

The Ravalli County Resource Advisory Committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month except for the month of December.  Meetings are held at the Bitterroot National Forest Supervisor’s office located at 1801 N. 1st, Hamilton, MT. 

How can I become involved?

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The Bitterroot National Forest is currently soliciting applications from individuals to fill positions on our Resource Advisory Committees (RAC). Interested individuals should have an interest in resource management and a strong desire to work collaboratively within a diverse group of interests.  To be a RAC member, applicants must fall into one of the following categories:

Category A

  • Organized Labor or Non-Timber Forest Product Harvester Groups
  • Developed Outdoor Recreation, Off Highway Vehicle Users, or Commercial Recreation Activities
  • Energy & Mineral Development Interests or Commercial or Recreational Fishing Interests
  • Commercial Timber Industry
  • Hold Federal Grazing or Other Land Use Permits, or Represent Non-Industrial Private Forest Landowners Within the Area for Which the Committee is Organized

Category B

  • Nationally recognized environmental organizations.
  • Regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations.
  • Dispersed recreation activities.
  • Archaeological and historical interests.
  • Nationally or regionally recognized wild horse or burro groups, wildlife or hunting organizations, or watershed organizations.

Category C

  • State-elected office-holders or their designee.
  • County or local elected office-holders.
  • American Indian tribal representatives from tribes within or adjacent to the RAC area.
  • School officials or teachers.
  • Citizens representing the affected public at large

If you are interested in applying, please complete the AD-775, along with a resume, and return both to the Bitterroot National Forest, 1801 N. First, Hamilton, MT  59840   Attn: Joni Lubke.