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The forest hydrologist and kids standing ankle deep in water with scopes.

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There are lots of great activities for kids on these links!  Click on the blue letters or the logos to visit those sites.

Smokey Kids Logo Play games and learn about the forest at Smokey Kids.
Audubon Logo Audubon for Kids is a great site.  It has games, a state bird quiz and live web cam video of birds and owls up close and personal.  Lots of Fun!
Smokey Bear Website Logo Visit Smokey Bear.  Learn how to stop wildfires and read interesting things about Smokey Bear.
Animal Inn Logo Dead treees supply life to the forest.  They provide homes and food for animals and birds.  They are like an Animal Inn.  Click here for the Animal Inn Activity Book!
Where The Other You Lives Logo Where the Other You Lives!  Find a park or forest near you.  Download information, listen to animal sounds and check out their tracks.  This website is cool!
Get To Know Contest Logo

Hey Kids!  check out this Contest.  Click here for info...

USDA for Kids Logo Also Visit USDA For Kids for more sites on NatureWatch, Gardening, 4-H and More