Passes & Permits


The Forest Service manages natural resources to meet sustainable resource management objectives in the Cherokee National Forest. The intent is to ensure that the land and its many resources are healthy and available for generations to come.  In order to meet these objectives, permits may be required for the occupancy and use of national forest land.

Please contact the appropriate Ranger District Office for more details and information about how to get a permit.

Types of Passes and Permits


See the Recreation Passes and Permits page for details about these and other types of passes and permits.

  • Trail Permits for ATV/OHV use
  • Outfitter/Guide Commercial Permits

Forest Products

  • Permits are required for the removal of most forest products, including firewood.  The cutting of Christmas trees is prohibited.

Events and Commercial Permits

  • Group use - groups larger than 75 people
  • Outfitter and/or guides, Organizational camps, Commercial Photography and Filming, and similar investments and uses

Other Permits

  • Permits for other items such as electrical easements, utility lines
  • Private roads across national forest land

Visit the Special Uses page on the Forest Service national site for additional information about permits for special uses of national forest land and resources.