Outdoor Safety & Ethics

Hiker Safety

  • Carry water

    Water Bottle

    Even the alpine forests on Mt. Lemmon are extremely dry and there is almost no natural water available. No untreated or unfiltered water should be consumed. Read about Avoiding Dehydration.

  • Beware of animals

    A coyotes paw

    From scorpions to rattlesnakes to black bears, Southern Arizona animals can cause serious injury or death. Be aware of your surroundings and never approach a wild animal. Look carefully before you touch, sit, or walk. Be Bear Aware! & use Mountain Lion Safety.

  • Don't go alone

    Group of 3 people

    A party of at least four persons is recommended. Avoid leaving an injured person alone. 

  • Plan carefully

    Map with 2 markers

    Plan a route ahead of time using Geological Survey and Forest Service maps. When traveling on foot, allow about one hour for every two miles covered, plus an additional hour for every 1,000 feet of altitude gained.

  • Check the weather

    Sun behind a cloud

    Fast-moving frontal systems can bring sudden and violent changes in mountain weather during both summer and winter. National Weather Service Tucson office.

  • Check with authorities

    Badge with checkmark

    Forest Rangers know their District and can offer valuable advice on trails, campsites, and potential problems. Fire restrictions and closure notices may affect your planned route.

Go Properly Equipped

A shirt, sweater, socks, mittens, and cap should always be carried. For protection against wind and wetness, carry a weatherproof outer parka. Sun protection and adequate water are essential in desert areas.

Always carry these items when going into the mountains: map, compass, flashlight, sunglasses, waterproof matches, whistle, pocketknife, candle, protective clothing, minimum first aid, and extra food.

Look Out For...

Be Responsible