Forest Products Permits

Firewood Collection

The minimum charge for a firewood permit is $20. Depending on the location and availability, for $20 you can select either 2 cords of hardwoods ($10/cord), or 4 cords of softwoods ($5/cord).

The timing of firewood collection is managed differently on each ranger district:

These dates are subject to change as conditions and availability of wood change daily. We recommend you contact your local district office before traveling to buy your permit.

Christmas Trees

Christmas tree permits start at $10. The Douglas Ranger District typically has Christmas tree permits available for sale starting the week before Thanksgiving. Harvesting of Christmas trees begins the day after Thanksgiving. Currently Christmas tree harvesting is only permitted on the Douglas Ranger District.
These dates are subject to change. We recommend contacting the district office regarding conditions, availability, regulations, and costs before traveling to purchase your permit.

Other Forest Products

Some forest product collection is considered incidental, and therefore does not require a permit. Please review our comprehensive guide to Incidental Use. If the forest product you are interested in collecting does not fall under incidental use, you must have a permit before collecting.

  • The product that you would like to collect
  • The approximate quantity (if you are unsure, use the maximum you think you would collect)
  • The approximate location
  • What the product will be used for (commercial use or personal use)

Typical requests take about 1-2 weeks to review, however more complex requests can take up to several months depending on the availability of our specialists. Please send in your requests with plenty of lead time to ensure we can review it before your desired collection period. In order to request a forest product permit, please contact one of the following foresters:

For the Douglas or Safford Ranger Districts:

Jena Trejo
711 South 14th Ave.
Safford, AZ 85546

For the Nogales or Santa Catalina Ranger Districts:

Adam Brzostowski
5700 N. Sabino Canyon Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85750

For the Sierra Vista Ranger District or requests that span multiple ranger districts:

Leslie T. Prewitt
Forest Silviculturist
300 West Congress St. Suite 6F
Tucson, AZ 85701