[Photograph]: Forest Service employee working with children.

Volunteers are crucial to the daily operations of the Forest Service. Volunteer activities are as varied and diverse as the backgrounds and skills of the individuals who volunteer, including environmental education, nature walks, trail and facility maintenance, campground hosting, visitor center reception, and more. There is certainly an opportunity for you at your local National Forest.

With the five districts in southern Arizona, Coronado National Forest has year-round opportunities where you can volunteer part-time or full-time, seasonally or just for a specific project. All volunteer activities require a minimal amount of training and some paperwork. Some volunteer opportunities can earn you college credit, community service, or a volunteer interagency pass award.

How Do You Apply?

Forest Service employees advising a visitor about trails.

Most of the volunteer work in the forest is accomplished through the efforts of our partners. Southeast Arizona Outdoors hosts outdoor volunteer events that our partners sponsor on the Coronado National Forest and they also provide volunteers the opportunity to affiliate with special interest groups (hiking, climbing, off-highway riding, birding, etc.).The Friends groups operate Coronado National Forest visitor, historic, and interpretive centers. Below are the links to our partner organizations that sponsor volunteers who assist with the daily operations of the Coronado National Forest. Volunteering for a partner organization that conducts operations and events on Forest Service land qualifies as being a Forest Service Volunteer.

You can also check out volunteer opportunities such as campground hosts on Forest Service units throughout the United States as well as volunteer opportunities with numerous other federal agencies at Volunteer.gov.

We strongly encourage potential volunteers to fill needed vacancies posted on Volunteer.gov or volunteer with our partner organizations.

If you are interested in creating a new group or volunteering individually with the Coronado National Forest contact Robyn Abyeta at robyn.abyeta@usda.gov

Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers improve an embankment alongside a road.

The national forests and grasslands are public lands set aside for the enjoyment of everyone. Being stewards of public lands is a way to help preserve, protect and maintain the areas you recreate. Your efforts are much needed and appreciated because the Forest Service, like other federal land management agencies, has a declining budget.

Volunteering is a way to enjoy a special interest, meet new people, be outdoors, explore hidden natural treasures, exert some energy, and more.

Who Can Volunteer with the Forest Service?

Two volunteers paint the inside of a historic cabin.

Anyone interested can volunteer. We welcome individuals and groups from our communities with diverse backgrounds, abilities, lifestyles, and ages!

Volunteers under the age of 18 must have the written consent of their parents or guardians. Volunteers must be in good health to allow them to perform their duties without risk to themselves or others. A medical exam, paid for by the Federal Government, may be required for some volunteer activities.

Partner volunteer organizations

Yes. Joining an existing organization is a good way to learn the ropes and become familiar with the volunteer community. Presently, volunteer organizations in the Coronado National Forest include the following:

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Sierra Vista



Santa Catalina