Learning Center

Public lands are the ultimate "outdoor classroom," where we can whet our curiousity by observing nature and learning about human interactions with the environment. Explore topics below to learn about the Gorge's history, environment, and cultural history of resource use. Plus, gain tips on how to stay safe and limit your footprint on the landscape. Or, pass on the knowledge with resources to help teach others! 

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bald eagle on an oak limb waits for a spawning salmon to come along

Nature & Science

From the fiery volcanoes of the Cascades to the call of the pika, explore the environmental science that makes the Gorge unique.  

Historic Post Card of CRGNSA

History & Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich history of people and cultures that have flourished from the Columbia River Gorge's natural resources.

sunlight on a snowy ridge cliff in the Gorge.

Outdoor Education

Learn standard outdoor safety tips and discover the basic outdoor ethics that reduce negative impacts to the natural system.

FS employee showing pelts to kids

Parents & Teachers

Browse resources that can help parents, teachers, and other outdoor mentors host learning events and share knowledge.