Just for Kids

The Forest Service is committed to connecting kids with nature and the outdoors by providing students, parents and teachers with youth-oriented information, education, and resources related to natural resources and the environment. Our Agency wants to encourage more kids to go outdoors by having fun, being healthy and learning more about nature.

Eldorado NF Youth Programs and Events

Generation Green

Summer Break: 8 weeks - Summer employment for local highschool students.

Georgetown Fishing Derby

June: 1 day - For children 12 years old and younger and their families. Fishing competition, booths, fun activites, and prizes.

Watershed Education Summit

September: Week - The Water Education Summit (WES) is a place-based, teacher driven program that gives students a hands-on opportunity to learn how watersheds are assessed and managed.

California Forestry Challenge

October: 4 days - The Forestry Challenge is an academic event for high school students in technical forestry and current forestry topics.

Fun Online Resources for Kids and Teachers

These programs and activities can inspire kids to create an awareness of the value of public lands, seek careers in natural resources and land management as well as enthusiastically participate in physical activities.


Smokey's Activity Sheets

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Smokey's Coloring Sheets

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