Forest Products Permits

Forest Product Permits

A variety of products ranging from fuelwood to edible delights are part of the category called Special Forest Products. Decorative floral greens, cones, mushrooms, boughs, rocks and poles are just some of the products which come from the forest.

The availability of Special Forest Products varies by location. Like other forest resources, they must be carefully managed to protect them and ensure a lasting supply for the future. Permits are issued for many products and a minimal fee may be charged. Contact a local District Office first to see if permits are required.

Personal Use for Minor Products

For personal use, fees are generally charged depending on the amount taken. Some areas have special restrictions and some years vary, for instance, a spring following a large fire season, may require permits for personal use mushroom gathering.

Permits are not required for collection of minor forest products, such as flowers, acorns, nuts or dry cones, from areas other than designated recreation, research, natural or other areas closed to such activities.  However, such collections are limited to small quantities for personal use; there can be no disturbance of surface resources; and the products must not be protected by State or Federal laws or regulations.

Do You Plan To Sell What You Collect?

If you plan to sell the products, a permit needs to be obtained from the local Forest Service office.

Other Products...

Posts and Poles:  People call about getting teepee poles, fence rails and miscellaneous small wood from the forest. These require a permit from the District office.

Rocks: Collecting rocks, say for backyard landscaping, requires a permit. Please contact a district office for more information.


Christmas Tree Permits

Since the early 1500’s, trees have been the center of holiday activities for many people. Begin the holiday season with an outing to cut the family tree on the Eldorado National Forest.

Woodcutting Permit

Woodcutting permits allow you to cut firewood on National Forest land.