Forest Products Permits

Morel mushroomWhat Are Special Forest Products?

Special forest products are non-timber goods that can be found in the forest such as mushroom, beargrass leaves, fern greens, pinecones, evergreen boughs and huckleberries. Because many of these items have a commercial value, they may be over-harvested if not managed. In order to protect these resources, yet make them available to the public, the Flathead National Forest has adopted collection limits for these products. The forest has developed a Special Forest Products Plan to assure sustainable harvest of these resources into the future.

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Why do I need to pay a fee, or obtain a permit for certain products?

Obtaining Forest Product Permits


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Fern Greens


Post & Poles

Christmas Trees

Seeds, Fruits and Berries (other than huckleberries)

Beargrass Leaves

Transplants - Trees

Transplants - Shrubs, Fords, Ferns and Grasses

Roots, Bulbs and Herbs

Mosses and Lichens

Evergreen Boughs

Native Plant Cuttings

Rock Landscaping