Working Together

Miller Lake girl scout volunteers receive recognition

There are many opportunities available if you want to get more involved with your favorite national forest. Resource Advisory Committees help inform the Forest of community priorities. Volunteer organizations coordinate recreation site maintenance or repair projects. Contact your local ranger district for other opportunities. 


Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Forest Service both by offering their skills to expand opportunities on the Forest and because they embody the spirit of service that draws us all, employees and volunteers alike, to the agency.

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Partnership Stories

Partnering with volunteer groups enables necessary recreation site and trail maintenance, introduces new people to  stewardship and volunteerism, and builds community when Forest employees come together with diverse user groups to repair and enjoy our special sites on our national forests. 

"I believe there is a community effort in continuing to maintain our Forest system trails and Wilderness areas. Our volunteer groups coordinate with us and other partners in order to accomplish this goal. it is an ongoing effort to keep trails maintained as mother nature continues to reset our workload every winter from windfall to brush work," explains, Anthony Benedetti, Recreation Operations Specialist, Fremont-Winema National Forest.

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