Passes & Permits

Before you plan certain activities on the forest, please be sure to check whether or not you need a permit or pass. Below are several categories of activities that require permits or passes:

Recreation Passes & Permits

Some recreation activities require a permit

Recreation passes & permits include seasonal day use passes for day use areas with fees on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests; national interagency annual, access and senior passes; and trail permits for ATV/OHV trails.


Forest Products Permits

Collecting and Removing Forest Products

Forest products include items such as firewood and stone for personal use.  Collecting and removing such forest products requires a permit. Christmas tree permits are not issued on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. Ginseng permits are not issued and the harvest of ginseng is prohibited on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. Removing any portion of the ginseng plant from the national forest comes with strict penalties, including a fine of up to $5,000, six months in jail or both. 

Event/Commercial Permits

Holding Special Events or Engaging in Commercial Activities

Each year, the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests receive hundreds of individual and business applications to use the public land we manage. Our special-uses program authorizes uses of National Forest System lands that provide benefits to the public and conserve natural resource values. Contact your local District Office where you are interested in obtaining a permit for more information. 

Special Uses Proposal and Application Process for Event/Commercial Recreation Permits