Passes & Permits

Before you plan certain activities on the forest, please be sure to check whether or not you need a permit or pass. Below are several categories of activities that require permits or passes:

  • Recreation Passes & Permits

    A campfire

    Some recreation activities require a permit. Recreation passes & permits include seasonal day use passes for day use areas with fees on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests; national interagency annual, access and senior passes; and trail permits for ATV/OHV trails.

  • Forest Products Permits

    A stack of firewood

    People can harvest, collect, and use many different forest products, like mushrooms and firewood. Depending on the forest product, and its use, gathering these items may require a permit.

  • Event and Commercial Permits

    A camera crew in the forest

    Holding special events or engaging in commercial activities on National Forest Lands requires a permit.