Forest Products Permits

Some forest products require a permit to collect.


Fuel Wood Permits


Rock Collection Permits - Landscape Rock

The Forest Service allows for limited rock hounding or collecting fossilsContact your nearest district office or more information. 


Other Forest Products

Collecting any portion of the American ginseng plant for personal or commercial use from the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests is prohibited. 
Ginseng populations have declined over the last several decades in Virginia due to continued harvest of the plant for consumption and sale. Ginseng is a listed as a threatened species in the state of Virginia through the Endangered Plant and Insect Species Act.  The management plan for the Jefferson National Forest prohibits issuing permits for the collection of a threatened or locally rare species, making ginseng harvest prohibited. The management plan for the George Washington National Forest specifically prohibits the harvest of ginseng.  Removing any portion of the ginseng plant from the national forest comes with strict penalties, including a fine of up to $5,000, six months in jail or both. 

Please contact your nearest District Office for information about other forest products.