Learning Center

A volunteer with a group of children standing around him shares his favorite facts about trees.

Learning on, and about, Your National Forest

The Hoosier National Forest has many unique resources; both natural and cultural. On these pages, we've compiled information on some of these resources to highlight the resource or our management of them.



Young Forest Video Series

Young forest habitat has been in decline for decades and species who utilize it are declining as well.  Find out more about this important and often misunderstood habitat in our new video series.

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History and Culture

A little girl stands in the middle of a field and small pines stretching to reach the top of a tree.

The area which is now the Hoosier National Forest was used and inhabited continuously from as early as 12,000 years ago, first by Native Americans, and later by European and African Americans. Find out how each group of people used the land in different ways, and each had an influence on the land that we today makes up the Hoosier National Forest.

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