Working Together

Managing a national forest like the Hoosier requires the efforts of not only dedicated employees, but a great many partners and volunteers who contribute greatly to the successful management of forest resources.

Our partners help maintain recreation sites and trails, reduce hazardous fuels, restore watersheds, monitor wildlife populations, improve wildlife and fisheries habitat, inventory and monitor archeological and historic sites, provide input to proposed management activities, and respond to emergency incidents.

The Hoosier National Forest partners with Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to protect and manage lands in Indiana. Although both the Hoosier National Forest and Indiana Department of Natural Resources, which includes the State Forests, State Parks, and State Nature Preserves, manage public land in Indiana, they differ in their mission and many rules and regulations. Managers work to find opportunities to blend our missions and goals on the landscape. One area of successful partnership between the Hoosier National Forest and IDNR (Division of Wildlife) work together is in the management of wildlife habitat on the National Forest.

Our partners include a number of federal agencies, tribes, the State of Indiana, conservation organizations, universities, public entities and private citizens. Their assistance is provided through a number of avenues including various grants, partnerships, and volunteer efforts.

Brochure on living next to a national forest.The Hoosier is a patchwork of ownership with private lands and other landowners interspersed with forest service lands. We have prepared a brochure which explains some of the unique issues related to living next to a national forest.