Forest Products Permits

The gathering of Forest products for personal use, such as mushrooms, posts & poles, rocks etc. is free, but some will require a hard copy personal use permit. For details, call your local Ranger Station, listed to the left.

photograph of a morel mushroom in a fire-burned areaPeople enjoy collecting mushrooms, berries, seedlings and other items from National Forest System land.

In order become familiar with the rules, it is always best to check with the Idaho Panhandle National Forest before gathering/collecting items from National Forest System land.

All plants on National Forest System lands, from tiny lichens to the largest trees, belong to the American public. Just as the Forest Service sells timber, harvesting plant materials that are of value must be purchased for a fair market value with the proceeds going to the U.S. Treasury. Permits are sometimes required to provide guidelines for appropriate collection, make collectors aware of any restrictions in collecting and to display the appropriate fee.

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