Fire Management

This fire page is a source for fire professionals coming to the Lincoln.  It will include links and documents useful for incoming crews, pilots, contractors and many others.  If you want general fire information, please visit our 'Fire Information" page for the general public.




Flight Hazard Map

Flight Hazard Map - Click to download geopdf

Click the image (left) to download the 2018 Lincoln National Forest's Known Flight Hazard Map.  This is a geopdf.

Fireman Maps

The fireman maps are created annually by the local Lincoln National Forest GIS group and contain data current to February 2018.  Click the images below to open and then download the map.

Fireman Map 2018 - Smokey Bear RD

Smokey Bear Ranger District

Ruidoso - Ruidoso Downs - Capitan - Lincoln - White Oaks

Fireman Map 2018 - Sacrameno RD

Sacramento Ranger District

Cloudcroft - Mayhill - Timberon - Sacramento - Weed

Fireman Map 2018 - Guadalupe RD

Guadalupe Ranger District