Volunteers in Our National Forests:   


Give Your Time to a Career Opportunity That Gives Back
Volunteers are at the very heart of the Forest Service. Without them, we wouldn't possibly have enough help to provide the type of year-round services we offer to citizens across the country. Volunteering for the Forest Service is also a great way to introduce yourself to us, try out different types of Forest Service opportunities and figure out whether or not a Forest Service career is right for you. Plus, you'll be helping us achieve our mission of caring for the land and serving people – every day you're on site.

There are many different types of work you may be called upon to do as a volunteer (with the exceptions of law enforcement and firefighting). We match your talents and skills with your work preference to select a role for you that satisfies you while best meeting our mission and providing a safe but rewarding project for your experience. As a volunteer, you may work part-time or full-time, on one-time projects or throughout the season. You may prefer performing invigorating physical labor outdoors or help out in an office environment. Your commitment is up to you.

Volunteering for the Forest Service is an excellent opportunity to explore your interest in a career working outdoors or to spend some free time – all while giving back to some of our nation's most precious resources.