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Much of the Clackamas River is on the Mt. Hood National Forest, which provides habitat for a huge variety of plant and animal species.

Watch this stunning video on the reintroduction of bull trout. The video tells the story of the efforts of fish biologists to see bull trout flourish in waters where they were eliminated more than 50 years ago.


These species can be found on the Mt. Hood National Forest! Some species may occur in migration as well as breeding on the National Forest. This information is provided for both the public for recreational use and for people interested in the management of species on the Forest. It is not an exhaustive list based on all records of accidental or rare species sightings but more of a general list based on occasional sighings and habitat associations.

If you have more information about sightings of species that are not included or have questions feel free to contact Jeff Goldberg, Westside Zone Wildlife Biologist, at

When sending sighting information please include the following:

  • Your name
  • Species sighted
  • Location
  • Date
  • Any identification features you can provide. Photos are also appreciated. 

Bear paw print on Mt Hood NF