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Wall, South Dakota, is home to the National Grasslands Visitor Center. The Center is part of the Buffalo Gap National Grassland - Wall Ranger District.  A theater, exhibit room, Jr. Ranger program, restrooms and a sales area are offered.  Exhibits feature grassland wildlife, grazing management and the history of the Great Plains. Other exhibits created by the Center staff are made to be touched!

A visit to the Hudson-Meng Bison Kill Research and Visitors Center near Crawford, Nebraska is a visit to a modern archeological excavation in progress.  The site is one of the most important discoveries of Archaeology and Paleontology in North America.  Hidden beneath the prairie of the Oglala National Grassland in Nebraska are the bones of up to 600 Bison Antiquus that are 10,000 years old, making Hudson-Meng the largest extinct bison bonebed in the world.   Field schools continue to discover ancient artifacts that improve understanding of the culture and daily existence of Indians from more than 10,000 years ago.


A good source of current scientific information for our area can be found at the Rocky Mountain Research Station.  This includes recent journal articles, slides and photographs.



The Forest Service has a long and proud tradition of reaching out to Americans on behalf of conservation. From Smokey Bear, to Nature Watch, to Project Learning Tree, the Forest Service has worked across programs and disciplines to integrate conservation education into much of what we do. But we must do more. If we are to meet the conservation challenges of the 21st century, then we must spread environmental literacy across America, focusing first and foremost on kids.