The Payette National Forest is located in the western center of Idaho.
Where is this Forest?


Forest Products Permits


Commercial mushroom picking permits for 2016 are available on the McCall and New Meadows Ranger District only. Specific areas where commercial picking is not allowed are identified in the brochure.  Personal use picking is allowed throughout the forest.  Commercial permits may be purchased only at the McAll and New Meadows Ranger District offices.

If you plan to commercially pick mushrooms you will be required to present an acceptable identification such as a Birth Certificate; Drivers License, Social Security Card, Green Card; State ID; Forest Service ID; Passport; National ID, Tribal ID or other ID issued by a federal or state government when you purchase a permit.

For more information about mushroom picking, please click this link that deatails the 2016 season.


Personal use fuelwood permits for the Payette and Boise National Forests are sold from May 15, thru November 30, 2016. Call the District Offices or Vendors for road conditions and snowmelt updates before heading out.

For the Sawtooth NF, the Minidoka and Fairfield Ranger Districts will issue permits beginning May 20, 2016 and permits for the northern districts, specifically the Ketchum Ranger District and Sawtooth National Recreation Area (NRA), will be schduled in the spring of 2015.  Call the Sawtooth NRA at 208-727-5013 to check snowmelt and road conditions in these areas.

Payette and Boise National Forests Fuelwood Permit Information & Maps

Boise National Forest Fuelwood Offices and Vendors

Payette National Forest Fuelwood Offices and Vendors

Sawtooth National Forest Fuelwood Offices and Vendors

Whitebark Pine

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