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Situated in the Sierra Nevada, just south of the Cascade Range, the Plumas is versatile in its land features, uncrowded, and enhanced by a pleasant climate. Outdoor enthusiasts are attracted year round to its many streams and lakes, beautiful deep canyons, rich mountain valleys, meadows, and lofty peaks.

Beginning in the foothill country near Lake Oroville, the Plumas extends through heavily timbered slopes and into the rugged high country near U.S. Highway 395. State Highway 70 between Oroville and U.S. Highway 395 provides year round access, and State Highway 89 provides convenient connections through Tahoe.

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Plumas Pollinators

The Plumas National Forest is home to a variety of pollinators and native plants that attract the right insects for each environment.

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Watershed Restoration on the Plumas National Forest

The Plumas National Forest has developed an active and robust program to improve watershed condition on Forest system lands. Consistent with the Pacific Southwest Region's primary focus on ecological restoration, the Forest's watershed restoration program works collaboratively with partnership organizations and local stakeholders to increase protection of riparian and aquatic ecosystems and enhance watershed condition so that clean water and quality habitat is available for recreationists, water users, and wildlife.

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