Resource Management

The Alaska Region is charged with managing natural resources in a way that best serves the multiple needs of a growing nation. The agency was established to ensure a renewable supply of timber and a steady source of clean water and minerals.

Air Resource Management Program
(Air resource managers work with all people to increase the effectiveness of air quality regulations in providing clean air)

Federal Subsistence Board
(The Federal Subsistence Board is the decision-making body that oversees the Federal Subsistence Management Program)

Plant Sciences and Ecology

Roadless Area Conservation
(Protection of high value roadless areas on both the Tongass and Chugach national forests is of local and national importance, particularly for wildlife and biodiversity, recreation, and tourism) 

Timber Valuation Programs
(The Alaska Region Logging Cost Calculators, NEPA Financial Analysis, RV Appraisal Updates and Quarterly Bulletins)

Timber Sale Summary Reports and Accomplishments
(The Alaska Region timber sale summary reports and regional accomplishments)

Wildlife Ecology
(Wildlife ecologists develop or disseminate much of the technical information used by the Forest Service for managing animal habitats within the National Forest system)