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Plants & Animals

A moose at Moose Flats scurrying across the colorful meadow.

A moose at Moose Flats on the Chugach National Forest, trots across the meadow.
Photo courtesy of Ralph Radford

Alaska Region Birding Festivals

Schedules are firmimg up so time to check your calendars and prepare for this year's Birding Festivals.


White Nose Syndrome in Bats


Bears in the Alaska Region

Watchable Wildlife


Introducing Multilingual Animal Names

A Bald Eagle spreading it's wings atop an ice berg.

Please join us as we celebrate some of the many beautiful languages of the indigenous people of Alaska.

A bald eagle sits in the top of a tree

A Bald Eagle sits in the top of a tree

A flower with five blue petals and an orange center

Forget-me-not flowers