Land & Resource Management



A critical part of the Forest Service mission is protecting and managing the national forests and grasslands so they best demonstrate the sustainable multiple-use management concept. The Forest Service is charged with managing natural resources in a way that best serves the multiple needs of a growing and changing nation. The agency was initially established to ensure a renewable supply of timber and a steady source of clean water and minerals.

Pacific Northwest Region lands managed by the Forest Service provide clean water, timber, special forest products, forage for cattle and wildlife, habitat for insects, fish, plants, and animals as well as offers some of the finest recreation opportunities in the country. 

Team discusses conditions on Ochoco NF

Forest Plan Revision

Review regional processes and documentation of the Pacific Northwest Region Forest Plan Modernization.

Forest with many sapplings

Resilient Landscapes

We manage lands so that they are as resilient as possible in order to help ecosystems recover as quickly as possible from disturbances.

Accelerated Restoration burn 4


Find Pacific Northwest Forest Service planning and monitoring documents including Forest Plan Revision documentation & revised plans. 

Accelerated Restoration burn 3

Resource Management

Read about specific natural resource program areas such as accelerated restoration, genetics, botany, fish and invasive species.

Forest gravel road surrounded by greenery.

Travel Management

The Forest Service developed a roads management strategy to identify a transportation system that is environmentally & financially sustainable while meeting public needs. 
Graphic: Image of multiple digital layers.

Geospatial Data  

Digital data is available at the USDA Forest Service Geodata Clearinghouse.