Forest Products Permits

What are Special Forest Products?

Non-timber forest products, or special forest products, include foods such as plants, wild edible mushrooms, fruits and nuts; medicinal plants and fungi; floral greenery and horticultural stock; fiber, oil resins, and other chemical extracts from plants, lichens, and fungi; as well as fuelwood and small diameter wood used for poles, posts, and carvings. Special forest products are a vital part of local and regional economies in the Pacific Northwest and many products hold significant cultural value which represents a long history of ecological knowledge and local use.

Personal and Commercial Use permits are required in order to gather many special forest products. Permits may require a fee payment and must be obtained from Forest Service offices. Availability may vary by season and district office. To learn what permits are required and available, please visit each national forest page

Forest Product Permit Types

  • Holiday Tree permits - Christmas tree permits go on sale in November at most national forests in OR and WA. Every Kid in a Park initiative is offering one free Holiday Tree permit to fourth-graders that have a valid 4th Grade Interagency Pass. These free Holiday Tree permits are only available at U.S. Forest Service District offices. 
  • Mushrooms
  • Personal Use Firewood
  • Berries
  • Decorative Foliage:
    • Beargrass
    • Salal
    • Boughs
  • Small Trees and Other Live Plants
  • Cones, Bark, Stumps or Conks
  • Posts or Poles