Plants & Animals

From bears to bats, falcons to fish, Douglas-fir to dogwood, the Pacific Northwest is home to many species of mammals, fish, birds, insects and flora. 


[Photo]: Spawning salmonThe diverse streams, rivers and lakes of the Pacific Northwest Region support dozens of species of fish, many of which are classified as game fish by the states of Oregon and Washington. Northwest game fish include predominately native coldwater fish species, such as Pacific salmon, trout and char, as well as warmwater fish, largely introduced from midwest and eastern states.

Aquatic Habitat Management and Restoration

Logs in stream

Fish habitat in the Pacific Northwest Region extends over 20,000 miles of streams and 200,000 acres of lakes. The location of the National Forests, covering most of the headwaters of Oregon and Washington's major rivers, makes them particularly important for their delivery of high quality water off the National Forest, to habitats and homes in the valleys below. Learn more about how managers work to protect these precious aquatic environments.


Photo of violet wildflowers cascading down the back of a flowing stream.This site contains information about Botany Programs in the national forests of Oregon and Washington. The basis for most programs is the Threatened Endangered and Sensitive Plant Program. Botanists at national forests are charged with surveying for these rare plants in proposed project areas and recommending mitigation measures if they are found, monitoring selected populations, and developing conservation plans. 


Photo of a bull elk with antlers in velvet.Learn about resources and programs dedicated to wildlife research and conservation.