Grants & Agreements

Eastern Region State and Private Forestry Competitive Grant Opportunities

The USDA Forest Service Eastern Region provides leadership, technical support, sound science, and financial assistance to help ensure that regardless of ownership, our region’s forests and trees continue to provide clean water, forest products, wildlife habitat, recreation, and other benefits for present and future generations. Our grant programs allow us to directly support forest owners taking local and landscape-scale approaches to protect and manage the region’s forests.

See below for a list of the competitive grant opportunities administered by the USDA Forest Service Eastern Region State and Private Forestry programs. Individual program areas may offer additional funding opportunities.


Award-winning guide helps Michigan schools make the most of their forests

Several hundred schools in Michigan own a school forest, an incredible resource that educators and administrators may not always fully utilize. In 2019, to help these schools reap the educational, recreational and economic benefits of their forests, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) developed and published the Michigan School Forest Guide with support from a Forest Service Landscape Scale Restoration grant.


Grant Opportunity: Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR)

  • Eligibility: State agencies, Tribes, nonprofit organizations (501c3), universities, and units of local government.
  • Application Period:Mid-June to Mid-September

Grant Opportunity: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Forest Restoration

  • Eligibility: States, Tribes, nonprofits, and educational institutions,  that work within the Great Lakes Basin.
  • Application Period: May to July


Grant Opportunity:Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Cooperative Weed Management

  • Eligibility: Organized partnerships that manage invasive plants within a defined area in the Great Lakes Basin.
  • Application Period: May to July
  • ...

Grant Opportunity: Cohesive Fire Strategy

  • Eligibility: Varies
  • Application Period: Mid-November to Mid-January