Landscape Scale Restoration

The Landscape Scale Restoration Program is a Forest Service State and Private Forestrycompetitive grant program that promotes collaborative, science-based restoration of priority forest landscapes and furthers priorities identified in State Forest Action plans. In doing so, the program helps ensure that our nation’s forests continue to provide important benefits to the American public, including timber and fuel wood, wildlife habitat, watershed protection, and well-paying rural jobs.

Landscape Scale Restoration projects cross multiple jurisdictions, including tribal, state and local government, and private forest land, integrating other Forest Service programs to address large-scale issues such as wildfire risk reduction, watershed protection and restoration, and the spread of invasive species, insect infestation and disease.

How the Program Works

Open to state forestry agencies, Landscape Scale Restoration is a competitive grant program that bundles and coordinates several State and Private Forestry programs and authorities to more efficiently deliver cross-boundary impacts. While LSR funds can only be spent on non-federal lands, the program still delivers benefits to national forests by contributing to healthier and more resilient landscapes overall.

State forestry agencies are eligible to submit projects that address the top priorities identified in their Forest Action Plans. Projects are developed in partnership with diverse stakeholders and effectively leverage local knowledge, expertise, and resources. Search and download project reports with the LSR search tool or explore LSR projects and landscapes with the Landscape Scale Restoration Map Viewer.

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The Landscape Scale Restoration Program leverages expertise and resources from numerous partners. Photo by Andrew Owen, Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management.

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