Forest Plan

Table of Contents


Chapter One    

Desired Conditons

Chapter Two   


Chapter Three

Forestwide Standards and Guidelines

Update Biological Assessment  


Chapter Four   

Management Area Prescriptions

Chapter Five    

Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy

Table of Contents for the Appendix

Appendix A      

National Goals

Biological Opinion

Record of Decision

Appendix B      

Key National and Regional Policies

Appendix C      


Appendix D      

Mineral Leasing Stipulations and Lease Forms

Appendix E      

Land Adjustment Strategy

Land & Resource Management Plan FEIS

Part 1

Chapter One to Chapter Three page 147

Part 2

Chapter Three page 148 to page 346

Part 3

Chapter Three page 347 to Supplement


A through G-6

G-7 through N-100

N-101 through N-300

N-301 through O-3


Management Area

Alternative A

Alternative B

Alternative D

Alternative E

Alternative F

Alternative G

Oil & Gas Leasing

Alternative A

Alternative NA

Alternative B1

Alternative G

Amendments to the Forest Plan

Twister Salvage

Environmental Assessment for comment – Baca Mountain Tract & Camino Chamisa Project

Decision Notice & Finding of No Significant Impact – Revised Land & Resource Management

Record of Decision – Southern Rockies Lynx Management Direction

Decision Notice & Findings of No Significant Impact – Timber Suitability

Wilderness Environmental Assessment & Decision Notice

Decision Notice & Findings of No Significant Impact - November Analysis Area



  • Monitoring
    Monitoring is the key to adaptive management and is the necessary feedback mechanism for improved resource management.