Forest Products Permits

Crestone Area Firewood Gathering - June 7-July 16, 2021

Crestone Firewood Area Map

If you plan to harvest firewood from the Crestone WUI project, please see this Special Information Flyer.

Forest Products Permit Information

Special forest products are botanical products, other than timber, that are harvested from public land. On the Rio Grande National Forest, this includes corral poles, firewood, tipi poles, fence stays, walking sticks, Christmas trees, boughs, pine cones, medicinal plants, berries, mushrooms, transplants, native plant seeds, basket making material, and decorative plants.

Permits may be required for individual gathering of products and are always required for commercial gathering of products (selling harvested products). Permits are either free or have a charge. Review the information below to determine if a permit is required. Permits may be purchased at any of our forest offices.

Incidental Free Use Without a Permit

Small amounts of only the products/quantities listed here will be allowed without a permit.


Daily Limit

Yearly Limit

Dry Cones (any)


50 per person

Conifer Boughs (hardwood or soft)

  • Under 2" diameter
  • Trinmmed at trunk
  • Clipped branches only, no digging up roots


10 per person

Non-conifer Boughs (including Willow)

  • Under 2" diameter
  • Trimmed at trunk
  • Clipped branches only, no digging up roots
  10 per person

Edible/Decorative Berries/ Fruits/ Nuts (not Pinon nuts)

2 gallons per person

10 gallons per person


2 gallons per person

10 gallons per person

Seeds (Wildflower and Grass seed only)

1  pound

10 pounds per person


5 gallon bucket

250 pounds per person


Forest Products that Require a Free Use Permit

The following amounts per person/household per calendar year of only the products/quantities listed here will be allowed with a free use permit.


Daily Limit

Yearly limit

Pinon Cones

  • Hand picked ONLY
5 gallons per person 25 gallons per person

Pinon Nuts

2 gallons per person

10 gallons per person

Stumps/ Burls/ Landscaping Logs

  • Up to 6' in length
  • Dead material ONLY
  5 pieces per person

Aspen Walking Sticks - PERMIT VALLID 14 DAYS

  • Live, green trees
  • 1" to 3" in diameter
  • 5' to 12' in height
  • If more than two piece needed, may purchase transplant tags


2 pieces per person

Shrubs (Cinquefoil, Raspberry, Currant, Rabbitbrush, Sage, Mountain Mahogany, Ground Juniper)

  • No trees - these require a transplant permit with a fee


5 plants per person



10 pounds per peson
Osha Root   10 pounds per person

Guidelines for harvesting products

  1. Harvest only what you can reasonably use.
  2. Know your species.  Collectors must avoid collecting federally listed threatened, endangered, sensitive or proposed for listing species.
  3. Minimize impacts by harvesting no more than one in twenty plants from a given population.
  4. Do not collect specimens in Primitive, Wilderness, Research Natural, Botanical, or Scenic areas.
  5. If gathering roots, only collect the upper part of the root while leaving the lower portion undisturbed to improve the potential for plant survival. Research has shown that placing a plant’s seed head upside down in the root hole does not improve the chances of a new plant germinating. 
  6. Leave the area as you found it. Fill in holes when gathering transplants. When collecting roots, leave the soil on site.

Forest Products that Require a Permit with a Fee

Cost to collect for personal use when collecting more than the amounts allowed under free use of the products listed above ($20 minimum purchase per permit):

Seeds $0.25/lb; Wildflowers $2.00/lb; Mushrooms $2.00/lb; Dry cones $1.50/lb; Limbs & Boughs $10.00 ton. 

Christmas trees - 2020

  • Chrimas


Please see Special Notice at top of page.

  • Personal use: Dead or down only, $10.00 per cord, 20 cord maximum per year per household, $20.00 minimum purchase. Permits expire December 31st of each year.
  • Commercial use: Contact the nearest district office for availability of areas.

Post and Poles

  • Personal use only: $.50 per pole, 40 pole minimum each permit, 300 pole maximum per year per household. Saguache district only, call (719) 655-2547.


  • Personal use only: Conifers and Aspen $5.00 each, 10 trees per year per household. Trees up to 10 foot in height may be dug. $20.00 minimum purchase.


  • Personal use only: $10.00 per ton, $15.00 minimum each permit. The forest and BLM have several sites where you may obtain rock. Permits available only at district offices.