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Passport to Pecos


Water flowing at Pecos Canyon

The Pecos Canyon is a special place within the boundaries of the Santa Fe National Forest. You’re never too young to discover its abundant charms as a place to hike, fish, camp, horseback ride and just enjoy nature.


Pink flowers surrounded by trees

Become a Pecos Protector by downloading the Passport to Pecos Activity Book and exploring Pecos Canyon.


Trail leading from a meadow into trees

Post the photos of your journey on social media (with your parents’ permission, of course) with the hashtag #PassporttoPecos.

Smokey Bear

It only takes one match... 

[Image] Smokey BearSmokey Bear has been a member of our families since 1944. The purpose of the Smokey Program is to create and maintain public awareness, through the image of Smokey Bear, about the need to prevent unplanned, human-caused wildland fires.


Woodsy Owl

Forests are our friends!

[Image] Woodsy Owl
Woodsy has been America 's environmental champion since 1970, and is most recognized for his wise request, "Give a hoot. Don't pollute." Caring, friendly, and wise, Woodsy Owl is a whimsical fellow and he's got his heart set on motivating kids to form healthy, lasting relationships with nature.