Event/Commercial Permits

Commercial activities or facilities on national forest lands fall under the categoty of "special-uses" and require a permit from the Forest Service. An activity is commercial if there are entry or participation fees charged, or if the primary purpose is to sell a good or service, regardless if a profit will be made or not. Typical special use activities or facilities include outfitting and guiding, commercial filming, ski areas, recreation events, or large gatherings of 75 people or more.

Commercial Filming and Photography

The beautiful landscapes found across national forests are popular for commercial filming and still photography. Interested parties wishing to film on Santa Fe National Forest System lands must request a filming permit. Please fill out a Photography and Filming form and submit to the permit administrator.

Outfitting and Guiding

On June 1, 2020, the Santa Fe National Forest launched new deadlines for outfitter-guide permit proposals. Outfitter-guide permit paperwork is now handled by the Special Uses Administrator, based out of the Santa Fe National Forest Supervisor’s Office.

New outfitter-guide proposals, permit renewals, and annual paperwork are now due by January 1st or June 1st. Proposal packets must include documents listed in the Outfitter-Guide Proposal Checklist (referenced below).

Current permit holders and new permit applicants are no longer required to submit copies of guide certifications. Include a list all guides and certification expiration dates for First Aid, CPR, and New Mexico Department of Game & Fish guide certifications in the Annual Operating Plan. All outfitters and guides are required to carry hard copies of First Aid, CPR, Leave No Trace awareness certification, and NMDGF guide cards during all guiding activities on forest lands and shall produce said certifications when requested by any Forest Officer.

The Leave No Trace Online Awareness Course is free and may be completed online. The certificate does not expire, but it is recommended that it be refreshed every 2 years. 

Additionally, outfitter-guides seeking special uses authorizations must incur insurance that will protect the permit holder and the Forest from risk and liability. Minimum coverage requirements are specific to the activity. View coverage requirements here.

New Outfitter-Guides and Permit Renewal Applicants

Please refer to the Outfitter-Guide Proposal Checklist to ensure all forms are completed and submitted to the permit administrator. 

It is important to note that not all proponents will recieve approval for a permit, therefore any action taken before receiving a special-use authorization, such as occupying National Forest System Lands and advertising or expending funds, is premature and at the proponent's risk.

The following documents are downloadable and electronically fillable.

  • SF-299 Application for Transportation and Utility Systems and Facilities on Federal Lands
  • Hunting or Nonhunting Outfitter-Guide Annual Operations and Safety Plan

Permit Holder Annual Paperwork

Please refer to the Current Permit Holders Checklist to ensure that all forms are completed and submitted to the permit administrator on time. It is the authorized permit holder's responsibility to send in their annual paperwork to the permit administrator as follows:

Prior to Operating Season: Hunting or Nonhunting Outfitter-Guide Annual Operations and Safety Plan w/ supporting documents and an Annual Itinerary form.

During the Operating Season 48 hours in advance of each guided trip: SFNF Hunting or Nonhunting Outfitter-Guide Trip Itinerary

End of the Operating Season: Actual Use Report, submit within 30 days or less of final day of the operating season.

Key Contacts

Outfitter-Guides and Recreation Events

Lauren Atkinson
Santa Fe National Forest
Supervisor's Office
11 Forest Lane
Santa Fe, NM, 87508
Phone: 505-438-5352

Land Use Program Manager

Jonathan Hayden 
Santa Fe National Forest
Supervisor's Office
11 Forest Lane
Santa Fe, NM, 87508
Phone: 505-438-5385