Passes & Permits

Pass Information

Buying an OHV permitInteragency passes are honored nationwide at all Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service sites that charge standard entrance fees. Interagency Annual, Interagency Senior, Interagency Access, and Interagency Military passes allow the public to enter some fee areas without additional charge. This is convenient when traveling to several areas that charge an entrance fee. These passes may be obtained:

1) at the Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests Supervisor's Office or any district office, if you visit us in person. If you choose to visit a Forest Service office to purchase your pass in person. Only a limited number of Forest Service employees can sell passes to the public. Please call the district office to make sure someone is available to sell you the pass. Passes at the supervisor's office in Columbia are sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 9-12 and 1-3.

2) by mail order through the USGS website. Please follow these links to order by mail :

Military passes must be obtained in person and are available at most federal recreation sites that charge standard entrance or amenity fees. Generally, sites that issue the Annual Pass will also issue the free US military version as well. A list of recreation sites (by state) that sell passes is available, but please first call the federal site you will be visiting to ensure that they have the pass available. 

Permit Information

Permits are required for:

  • Selling any merchandise;
  • Posting or distributing any handbill, circular, paper or notice;
  • Conducting or participating in a public meeting assembly or special event;
  • Groups of more than 75 people require a special-use permit to camp in either a campground or undesignated area.
  • Groups of any size camping in undesignated areas will need a visitor pass/permit. Contact the local district office.
  • Within the Chattooga River corridor, groups with more than 24 participants and/or commercial activities are prohibited without a Special Use Permit issued by the Forest Service.

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