Other Permits

Special Use Permits

Various groups and individuals regularly approach the Forest Service with requests to use national forest lands for an array of diverse activities. The Forest Service must always weigh whether the proposed use is compatible with the values that make the national forest an irreplaceable forest – including plants, animals, beauty, clean air and water, recreation opportunities, and forest products. Applicants for special-use permits should note that the permitting process is time-consuming, may require multi-step National Forest Management Act (NFMA) analysis and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation, and ultimately may not be approved. The Forest Service will evaluate special use applications to see if they are in the public interest. At a minimum, these proposals should: be consistent with Forest Plan management area objectives, standards, and desired future conditions; be consistent with other applicable Federal, State, and local statutes and regulations; and not be undertaken on national forest land if they can be reasonably accommodated on private land.

Easements and Grants for Roads and Trails

Under special circumstances, the Forest Service considers applications for road easements for access to private property. Easements are granted only if no other reasonable access is possible.